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        DATES: May 31 2021 • PRICES: € 591 Online • LOCATION: Online

        Attend this training course and    Course Description
        learn about:                       This course is designed to give an introduction to High Yield Bond markets,
        •  High Yield Instruments and      instruments and their role in the context of client portfolios. Participants will
                                           learn about current High Yield market trends, learn the valuation basics and risk
                                           management issues typically arising from High Yield exposures.
        •  High Yield Valuation
        •  High Yield Risk Analysis        Target Audience
        •  High Yield as an Asset Class    Junior to intermediate portfolio managers, security analysts, risk managers, sales
                                           and relationship managers, product developers, risk managers and institutional
        •  High Yield Fund Products

        MONDAY, MAY 31                     12 –13 15                           High Yield Fund Products
        09 – 09 15                          Lunch Break                       Mutual funds
         Welcome and Introduction          13 –17 00                          ETF
        09 –12 15                           High Yield Risk Analysis
         High Yield Instruments            Historical Default and Recovery Rates   Termination of the Seminar
        Single-Bonds                   Rating Migration and Credit Quality
        Mutual funds and ETF             Correlation
        Structured Credit Instruments  Modelling Bond Rating Changes for
                                             Credit Risk Estimation
         High Yield Markets                Currency Risk of High Yield
        Market Structure
        Participants                     High Yield as an Asset Class
        Past, Present & Future         The High Yield and Investment Grade
        Liquidity Aspects                Bond Mix
         High Yield Valuation              High Yield and Equity: Similarities and
        Credit spreads                   Differences
        Factors affecting credit spreads  High Yield in the context of a Strategic
                                             Asset Allocation
                                           Tactical Allocation with High Yield
                                           Specifi cs of HY credit in developed and
                                             emerging markets

            Lecturer: Andreas Steiner
            Andreas Steiner is an independent consultant specializing in portfolio analytics and
            risk management. The services provided include training, advanced portfolio analytics
            software and mandate-based projects for banks, investment managers, institutional
            investors and software companies. Andreas has been teaching as a lecturer at the
            Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland, where he gave courses covering
            performance analysis, international investing and Behavioral Finance. Andreas has
            published several articles in investment-related journals and is making available his
            research online in the form of research notes and blog entries.
            Andreas has more than 15 years of working experience in institutional asset management and private
            banking. He held various performance and risk-related roles at Credit Suisse Asset Management and was
            head investment risk management at LGT Capital Management. Andreas holds a master‘s degree magna
            cum laude in Economics from the University of Zurich with specializations in Monetary Economics and
            Financial Markets.

               8                         Available exclusively as live online training
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