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                                                                                      INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT  CORPORATE FINANCE  ASSET-LIABILITY MANAGEMENT  RISK MANAGEMENT  SUPERVISION, AUDIT, COMPLIANCE


         Bank Asset-Liability Management
         Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

         Central Counterparty Clearing
         Stress Testing – Quantitative Techniques, Regulatory Framework and Practical
         Use in Risk Management
         Reform of Interest Rate Benchmarks: Transition to a World Without IBORs
         Responsible Investing: How to get it right?
         Bank Capital Management – Capital Planning, Fund Transfer Pricing and RAROC

         Corporate Credit Rating Systems: Design, Development, Calibration and Validation
         Interest Rate Products – Mechanics, Pricing and Applications
         Interest Rate Risk Hedging Workshop
         Counterparty Credit Risk

        Length of the red stripe expresses the relative level of attractiveness of the seminar for respective bank departments and desks. It is to be interpreted
        as an estimated average appropriateness which may deviate in individual cases, among others, due to the different level of juniority/seniority of the
        particular participant.

             ● Expert senior trainers with advanced academic degrees as well as practical backgrounds

             ●  The must-have training programme for fi nancial professionals worldwide

             ●  Extensive course materials and latest educational techniques
             ●  Up-to-date didactical training techniques and practical skills

             ●  Unique cross-border networking opportunities

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