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         Training Programme for Financial Professionals

            Training Programme
            MONECO Financial Training is an educational programme, consisting of seminars and training courses aimed
            at the real needs of fi nancial professionals. MONECO is specialised fi nancial training provider, enjoying the
            Europe wide excellent position. Since 1995 we have run more than 480 successful training events and
            we have been able to teach more than 5.900 participants so far. Our ultimate goal is to effi ciently train the
            expert fi nancial know-how, which is necessary for up-to-date challenging fi nancial industry. The programme
            covers a wide range of topics: Financial Risk Management, Corporate Banking, Investment Management,
            Corporate Finance, Treasury Products, Asset-liability Management, Financial Derivatives, Structured Products,
            Compliance, Internal Audit and Supervision and many other hot topics. The training courses have been
            offered with an extraordinary success for already 24 years, originally under the name of Czech Financial

                                    Practice-oriented Training
                                    The training format is a very effi cient mix of theory, practical examples and
                                    workshops, realistic case studies, group discussions and networking. Seminars
                                    are structured at various levels spanning from introductory events for the fi nancial
                                    juniors to advanced workshops for persons with higher seniority seeking to attain
                                    the expert and focused knowledge. A reasonable care is taken that our participants
                                    do get instant working skills from their invested time and money. The unique blend
                                    of top quality training delivered in a really inspiring way is offered at internationally
                                    extremely competitive prices.

           International Coverage and Networking
           MONECO Financial  Training provides focused trainings for  fi nancial  experts
           internationally.  The participants come from continually increasing number of
           countries.  This provides the clients with added value of unique networking
           opportunities among colleagues from fi nancial institutions and groups operating

                             Tuition and Certifi cation
                             Seminar tuition is in English language, as are all manuals, training software etc. Therefore,
                             in order to benefi t from participation, at least a passive knowledge of English, including
                             common fi nancial phrases and related terminology, is required.  At the conclusion of the
                             seminars, the graduates are awarded a diploma in English certifying the high level of
                             acquired knowledge in the covered area of study.

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