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          Senior Trainers with Advanced Level of Theoretical Knowledge as well as Practical Backgrounds

                                                               Our Trainers
                                                               The trainers and speakers at the MONECO Financial
                                                               Training courses are exclusively senior people with
                                                               the advanced level of theoretical knowledge as well
                                                               as good business practice in the fi nancial markets.
                                                               Our track record confi rms that our trainers utilize
                                                               top didactical skills and practice focus in the case
                                                               studies and works-shops. We work solely with the
                                                               internationally well-know trainers who are often
                                                               members of the recognized professional associations
                                                               and are frequently invited to speak at the important
                                                               industry events.
            Among some of our most requested trainers belong the following experts:

            Jean-Bernard CAEN: lecturer in the areas of risk-fi nance interactions, ALM, capital allocation, IFRS, risk appetite and the
            economic assessment of risks; member of PRMIA France Executive Committee; policy advisor within the consulting fi rm PRNS

            Clive CORCORAN: fi nance and investment management specialist; former CEO of an investment management company
            based in the USA; now senior consultant providing investment advisory to private and institutional clients; author of a number
            of books on international fi nance, asset allocation and risk management
            Alastair DAY: high-quality analyst and modelling specialist in corporate fi nance, project fi nance and leasing; author of a number
            of books and textbooks; Director of Systematic Finance Limited
            Gary DUNN: consultant and trainer with more than 30 years of experience from both commercial and central banks; expert on
            internal models, market risk measures, quantitative methods and capital requirements with expertise on Basel III, FRTB,
            IRRBB, etc.
            Ariane CHAPELLE: leading expert in the fi eld of operational risks and highly regarded guest speakers; Dr. Chapelle is Honorary
            Reader at the University College London in Operational Risk, Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk and member of the
            editorial board of the Journal of Operational Risk
            Krassimir KOSTADINOV: senior consultant in software project management, applied statistical and mathematical methods and
            implementation of banking risk management and regulatory reporting systems
            Ron SLOMOVITS: professional in the fi eld of credit ratings and related matters, specialising on states and government ratings
            as well as bank ratings; the basis for that knowledge he gained at the international rating agency Standard & Poor’s, at the
            department for Sovereigns/International Public Finance; owner of the consulting fi rm Rating Advisory

            Andreas STE INER: respected trainer with many years of working experience in investment management with a focus on asset
            allocation, portfolio management, behavioural fi nance and performance measurement
            Mark TAYLOR: expert on FX and interest rate products with trading experience from Deutsche Bank and RBS in London,
            HK and New York; Mark uses his skills from fi nancial markets to run engaging training courses with extensive practical sessions

        Customised Training Courses
        We offer customised training courses that provide the  fi nancial know-how and solutions for
        the specifi c needs of your staff and executives.
        For more information, please contact us at

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