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        DATES: November 2 – 3, 2020 • PRICES: € 1,295 In-class, € 971 Online • LOCATION: Prague and Online

        Understanding the drivers, trends, tools and approaches to implement responsible investment in
        your organisation and investment strategy

        Key points / questions answered:    Investments play a fundamental role in the economy. They are crucial in determining
                                            whether society – from governments to individual consumers – succeeds in
        •  An understanding of the
                                            following a sustainable path. The need for such a path has rapidly grown over
          drivers for responsible           the last decades, visible in for example the Paris Agreement on climate change,
          investment                        the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Guiding Principles on
                                            Business and Human Rights. The interest of and expectations society in the role of
        •  Understanding relevant
                                            fi nance has grown rapidly. The Action Plan on Sustainable Finance of the European
          thematic priorities and
                                            Union is one such development. Industry standards and initiatives have also grown
          regulatory developments
                                            rapidly as have fi nancial organisations that have signed up to those, such as the
        •  How to develop a policy          Principles for Responsible Investment.
          and strategy on responsible       The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and SDG risks and opportunities
          investment                        have also grown rapidly and almost every investment organisation is now at least
                                            thinking about responsible investment. The demand and need to invest responsibly
        •  How to implement responsible     is increasingly clear, from both a fi nancial and societal perspective. The way how to
          investment in various asset       do it is still unclear to many. Some call this Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
          classes, internal management      or ESG investing, SDG investing, impact investing, or sustainable investing. These
                                            terms are sometimes used interchangeably. The course will use the more broadly
        •  How to implement responsible     accepted term “responsible investment” which covers all of above. The market for
          investment in selecting,          responsible investment has grown rapidly to 31 trillion USD in 2018, a 34% increase
          appointing and monitoring         in 2 years (  By the end of 2019, globally over 2300 investment
          external managers                 organisations have signed up for the Principles for Responsible Investment
                                            (, representing 80 USD of assets under management. It’s no longer
        •  How to implement responsible
                                            a niche but is increasingly core to every investment organisation and investment
          investment in risk management
        •  Understand required              This course provides a comprehensive overview of the drivers, trends, tools
          organisational change and how     and approaches to implement responsible investment in your organisation and
          to implement this in your own     investment strategy. It will explore and discuss developments in client demand,
          organisation                      current and future regulations and regulatory developments with a focus on
                                            Europe, developments in supply of ESG/SDG/RI/sustainable labelled products,
        •  An outlook on future             and practical tools and approaches for portfolio managers, risk managers and
          developments in responsible       trustees/advisors to implement responsible investment.
          investment                        The main objective of the course is to enable its participants to develop or
                                            support a comprehensive approach in responsible investing, how to adapt the
                                            organisation to integrally implement this and how to implement this in the various
        asset classes, internal and external management, and in fi duciary advice. It will go into detail of various tools and instruments
        to implement responsible investment such as ESG integration (embedding fi nancially material ESG issues, such as climate
        risks, in investment decisions, asset allocation or portfolio construction), exclusions (e.g. tobacco products), divestments
        (e.g. carbon footprint reductions), thematic investing, impact investments or SDG investing (e.g. in renewable energy or green
        bonds), stewardship (such as engagement, voting and shareholder litigation aiming to infl uence portfolio companies or market
        standards). It will also discuss a wide array of ESG and SDG issues, such as climate change, water, human right, labour
        conditions, health, corporate governance etc.
        Participants will engage in case studies to gain an understanding of such developments and practical ways to
        implement responsible investment in their organisations and investment strategies/portfolios.

               14                          Now also available as an online seminar
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