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        MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2                   •  Developing a responsible investment   13 –17 00
        09 – 09 10                            policy: do’s and don’ts             Implementing responsible investment
         Welcome                             •  Organising and maintaining      (cont.)
        09 –12 30                             organisational change              •  Government and sovereign bonds: RI
         Introduction                        •  The governance of responsible    tools and approaches
         •  Historical overview of development   investment                      •  Responsible investment in fi duciary
          of responsible investment          •  The role of risk management      advice
         •  The value of responsible investment:     Case study: effective organisational    •  Impact investing: what is it and how
          the fi nancial perspective         set-up                               to implement it across various asset
         •  The values of responsible investment:                                classes (e.g. green bonds, renewable
          the normative perspective         TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3                  infrastructure, green real estate, listed
         Case study: beliefs sets           09 –12 30                            equity)
                                             Implementing responsible investment    Case study: Develop an impact investing
         Sustainability: issues and trends
                                             •  ESG data and tools              strategy/product
         •  Environmental issues: risks and
                                             •  From data to due diligence to
          opportunities for investors
                                              implementation                     Monitoring, measuring and reporting
         •  Social issues: risks and opportunities
                                              Case study: EU Action Plan on      •  Effective monitoring of external
          for investors
                                            Sustainable Finance                  managers
         •  Governance issues: risks and
                                                                                 •  Effective monitoring of internal teams
          opportunities for investors
                                             •   Active listed equity and corporate    •  Understanding the need for measuring
         •  Responsible business conduct:
                                              credits: RI in valuation models    outcomes
          outcomes of investments on society
                                             •  Passive and semi-passive strategies:    •  Tools to measure real-world outcomes
          and the environment
                                              customisation of indices           Case study: SDG reporting
         •  The Sustainable Development Goals:
                                             •  External management: selection,
          focus on outcomes to global societal                                    Termination and Evaluation of the
                                              appointment and monitoring
          and planetary goals                                                   Seminar
                                             •  Private market investments: specifi c
          Case study: climate change scenario
                                              characteristics and RI tools and
         analysis and stress testing
                                              Case study: Due diligence of human
        12 –13 30
                                            rights issues in a concrete investment
         Lunch                              opportunity
        13 –17 00
          Developing a responsible investment   12 –13 30
         policy and approach
            Lekturer: Dr. Marcel Jeucken
            Dr.  Marcel Jeucken is Founder and Managing Director at SustFin B.V.. SustFin
            provides independent advice on fi nance and sustainability issues. From policy
            and product development to execution, communications and trainings, SustFin
            focusses on helping fi nancial organisations to embrace and embed sustainability
            in all of their operations. Marcel Jeucken has 25 years’ experience in fi nance
            and sustainability, amongst others at Rabobank, Triodos Bank,  World Bank,
            Sustainalytics and PGGM. Marcel helped to grow and establish Sustainalytics
            from 2003–2006 and was Managing Director Responsible Investment at PGGM
            Investments from 2006–2017. At PGGM Investments Marcel Jeucken was
            amongst others a member of the Management Team, Investment Committee and
            Investment Policy Committee. Marcel was a delegate of the PRI Advisory Council
            from 2007–2014, Chair of the Stichting RI (Foundation for the PRI) till 2015, board member and Treasurer
            of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) from 2007–2018, board member and Vice
            Chair of Eumedion, and member of Sustainable Pensions Investments Lab (SPIL). Marcel holds a Ph.D.
            in economics on sustainability issues and the fi nancial sector. He has written numerous papers and is
            author or editor of several books, including ‘Sustainable Finance and Banking’ (2001) and ‘Sustainability
            in Finance’ (2004).

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